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The UK Cards Association manages high profile, pioneering industry-wide projects.

We are the forefront of innovation in the industry, so that we remain a leader in the payments arena, globally. We support and encourage new payment card services that better meet member and stakeholder requirements and look to facilitate co-operative innovation between our members; pushing the industry forward.

One of the largest projects that illustrates our enthusiasm for innovation would be the introduction of Chip & PIN. We were instrumental in the development of pushing this forward, and making the UK the first country in the world to complete the rollout of this global Chip & PIN system.

Chip & PIN is the biggest consumer change programme seen in the UK since decimalisation and is part of a wider global programme to tackle increasing levels of plastic card fraud.

It has proven to be an undoubted success in reducing particular areas of card fraud:

  • Card fraud losses on the UK high street have increased by 5 per cent to £57.2 million, but are down 74 per cent since peak losses of £218.8 million in 2004.
  • Fraud abroad losses for 2013 (£122.0 million) compared with fraud abroad losses at their peak in 2008 (£230.1 million), show a decrease of 47 per cent. This type of fraud typically occurs as a result of criminals stealing magnetic stripe details from UK cards to make fake magnetic stripe cards for use overseas in countries yet to upgrade to Chip & PIN and Contactless.

Whether it is technologies such as contactless cards, token based authentication or Near Field Communication (NFC) handsets; we will continue to push the implementation of these new developments.

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