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What does the UK Cards Association do?

Learn more about what we do and our role within the UK Card Payments industry


Who we are

The UK Cards Association integrated with five other bodies in July 2017 to form UK Finance, the new trade association for 300 providers of finance, banking and payments-related services. Together, we are working to build a more customer-focused and innovative finance and banking sector and enhance the UK’s status as a global leader in financial services.

The UK Cards Association provided a dedicated representative voice for the card payments industry. Through engaging on behalf of our members with partners and stakeholders, we strove to ensure the UK card payments industry worked as effectively as possible in the interests of consumers and retailers.


Our priorities and responsibilities


Promoting good outcomes for consumers through choice and transparency

We aim to support UK consumers’ interests while improving the payment experience for individuals and businesses using cards.

We encourage consumer choice and competition by championing transparency in the card payments market, helping consumers to make the right choices. We also work with regulators to inform them how the market operates so that regulation is relevant and proportionate.


Ensuring consumer protection and extra support for vulnerable customers

We ensure responsible lending is at the heart of the industry.

We work collectively with partners in the debt advice sector to improve outcomes for consumers, including through evaluating evidence from the market and commissioning research. In particular, we facilitate the development of industry-wide, tailored support for consumers who experience problems with borrowing and repayments.


Facilitating payments innovation

As card and card-like payments develop and evolve, we act as a facilitator for industry innovation, bringing together new and existing providers in a non-competitive environment. At the same time, our experts deliver certainty on payments standards and integrity to ensure that consumers can use products everywhere, at any time, and that security is never compromised.

We work with UK and European bodies in developing technical standards and manage accreditation of terminals and other products.


Providing leadership in fraud management

We deliver payment industry leadership of fraud management through Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK). We manage major external operations, including the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU), which is the specialist police unit with a record of £479m of fraud savings. We provide the mechanisms through which members can share fraud intelligence, and deliver education and awareness campaigns to warn consumers of specific threats.

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