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Welcome to The UK Cards Association site. We provide a dedicated representative voice for the card payments industry. Through engaging on behalf of our members with partners and stakeholders, we strive to ensure the UK card payments industry works as effectively as possible in the interests of consumers and retailers.

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Debit continues to outstrip credit as card transactions reach record levels

Spending on payment cards reached £49.6 billion in February with debit cards continuing to outstrip credit cards, according to the latest figures from The UK Cards Association. Consumers...  >

UK Cards Board publishes response to Trade Association Landscape consultation

The Board of The UK Cards Association has responded to the consultation entitled ‘Rethinking the Financial Services Trade Association Landscape’. The consultation exercise came to an end on 10...  >

New figures reveal almost a third of card spending now online

New figures published today show that 30 per cent of the value of all spending on cards in January was via the internet, with £15.4bn1 of the £46.5bn total spent in this way. The number of...  >

Smart travel gains momentum across the country

The Department for Transport has announced that the government will be working with The UK Cards Association to bring contactless payment to public transport country-wide. Transport Minister...  >


This is your impartial guide to choosing and using credit cards, debit cards and pre-paid cards. The section advises both individuals and businesses.

We hope this material helps consumers understand how payment cards work, how to choose the best card for you and how you go on to use it.

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This section provides general help and guidance for new and existing retailers.

For retailers accepting cards, the Products and Services section may be helpful. These pages provide advice to help protect businesses from becoming victims of card fraud.

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Resource centre

Our online library brings together publications from UK Cards as the authoritative source of industry-wide data, metrics on the card payments industry, and Financial Fraud Action on card fraud.

In addition a number of consumer guides are available.

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