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Payments Strategy Forum Strategy

The Payments Strategy Forum was established by the Payment Systems Regulator to consider areas for collaborative innovation in the UK payments industry. UK Cards was involved in a number of working groups supporting the Forum.

In September 2016 the Forum published its draft Strategy which we responded to. Throughout the development of the Strategy we have emphasised the need for a robust evidence base to make any changes to the payments ecosystem, and have highlighted the ways in which card payments offer many of the value-added services being considered for the interbank payment services.

The final Strategy was published in November 2016 and focused on the following themes:

  • Simplifying the present environment (e.g. through improved access)
  • Leveraging existing capabilities and other initiatives (e.g. PSD2)
  • Modernising payments technology (e.g. the creation of a Simplified Payments Platform (SPP) for the interbank systems)
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