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The UK Cards Association sets out its initial response to the Consumer Focus super-complaint on foreign currency charges

21 September 2011

Melanie Johnson, Chair of The UK Cards Association, said:

"The Consumer Focus super-complaint covers a broad spectrum of issues
not all related to cards by any means. It is disappointing that the complaint has been lodged without talking to us first. That way we could have made sure that Consumer Focus fully understood how the card
element of this market operates. We would also have had the opportunityto work together on improvements where they might be needed".

"Customers increasingly choose to use their cards abroad because they
are convenient, secure, and flexible and offer unrivalled protection compared to other types of payment. We are confident that the current
level of competition in the market gives consumers a lot of choice, something that the Consumer Focus report itself seems to support, and that the OFT will do a rigorous job in assessing the complaint's merits."

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