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Five years on from chip and PIN day and Britons can now expect to pay with PIN across Europe

14 February 2011

More than 140 million chip and PIN cards in issue in the UK and more
than 1 million chip and PIN terminals in the UK

Vast majority of European countries now at an advanced stage of
rolling out chip and PIN

Monday 14 February 2011 is the five-year anniversary of PIN Day – and the ‘I ♥ PIN’ campaign – when the official changeover to chip and PIN took place in the UK. Before then it was still possible to use a signature, even if the retailer had upgraded to chip and PIN.

Since its introduction chip and PIN has not only helped drive down card fraudbut it has also led to more of us choosing to pay by plastic in more places.

Such is its popularity, last year for the first time ever we spent more on our debit cards than we did with cash.

The UK led the rollout of global chip and PIN technology but now, five years on, UK cardholders can expect to use their PIN in the vast majority of European countries as most are at an advanced stage of rolling it out on their cards, in their shops and at their cash machines.

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