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Report highlights increasing role for card payments in UK

Annual Report also previews the future shape of card payments - NFC technology

The UK Cards Association, the lead trade association for the card payments industry, today [Monday 11 March] releases its Annual Report.

The document provides an overview of the Association’s work during 2012 and provides information on priorities for the coming year. Also included are key market metrics and trends, information on the forward-looking agenda for the industry, details on efforts to prevent fraud and a report on the work of the industry in ensuring transparency and consumer protection.

Also provided is a report on the contribution of the Association to the creation of a national infrastructure for the acceptance of payments via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Melanie Johnson, Chair of The UK Cards Association said:

“The last year has seen major steps forward in the delivery of high standards of transparency and consumer choice across the industry. This has been part of a lasting commitment on the part of the card payments industry to improving the customer experience – backing the powerful role that cards can play in stimulating growth with strong consumer protections”.

For further information contact the press office on 020 3217 8344 / 020 3217 8554
To request a copy of The UK Cards Association’s Annual Report, please contact Ella Mathew on 0203 217 8422 or

To view the Annual Report, click the link below:

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