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Support a nationwide campaign to warn consumers and businesses of the dangers of scams

A key driver for the rise in fraud losses has been the growth of deception crimes aimed at individuals and businesses as fraudsters increasingly concentrate their attacks on customers rather than the systems used by banks.

A major part of the response to rising fraud must be consumer awareness-raising about how customers can identify fraudulent approaches and protect themselves. A landmark public awareness campaign is required to achieve a genuine step change in prevention. This effort would be served by involving telecoms, payments, industry, government, the police, and others collaborating to shape common messages that are hard-hitting and can be conveyed across various media including radio, print and online.

City of London Police, the UK’s leading counter-fraud authority, Commissioner Leppard described the vision for the campaign in this way:

When there was a shift change in this country in wearing seatbelts, or drink-driving, you would see TV campaigns and the release of products. Then, everyone in the community knew what they had to do. We need that level of public communication coupled with real and seriously useful products for people; how they need to protect themselves; what they need to do.

Each person has access to the internet and online banking. Each person is exposed. We’ve got to find a national campaign, coupled with real products and useful tools that can help each sector of society protect themselves. We still have a lot more to do to educate the public and help small businesses to protect themselves.

For more a more detailed briefing on this campaign please call 020 3217 8200 or email us at

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