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We provide a comprehensive series of industry publications. Our publications act as the definitive industry source for statistics on plastic cards and plastic card fraud within the UK.

UK plastic cards 2013

This annual publication (released in May, and costing £750) brings together information on how many cards we have and what we spend our money on, both in the high street and online. It also includes demographic details of personal plastic card spending habits, and forecasts for the decade ahead.

The UK Cards Association also contributes to a number of payments industry publications including ‘UK Payments Statistics’ and ‘UK Cash & Cash Machines’.

Transparency review

A review of policy initiatives by the UK credit card industry.

The Lending Code

This takes you to the Lending Code (2013) sponsored by The UK Cards Association, the British Bankers’ Association and the Building Societies Association.

The independent review

This is the independent review of The Lending Code 2010, which has been carried out by Professor Lorne D Crerar.

Sponsors’ response to the lending code review 2010

This is the lending code sponsors’ response to the 2010 independent review of the code.

Security guidance for card acceptance devices

This guide is intended to be used by retailers accepting or intending to accept face-to-face card payments. It is designed to complement card industry rules and regulations and advice given by point-of-sale solution providers (including banks and third party suppliers). The advice and guidance offered should be considered when reviewing or developing security procedures and processes for the point-of-sale environment, particularly, but not exclusively, those relating to the acceptance of card-based transactions.

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