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Using prepaid cards overseas

Some banks and other institutions offer prepaid cards for overseas travel – normally available in a number of currencies. This can be helpful as you can spend in the local currency, and therefore do not incur exchange rate fees. However, prepaid cards do have a number of costs associated with them – please see Choosing a prepaid card for more information.

Prepaid cards remove the need to carry large amounts of cash, and are effectively an alternative to travellers' cheques. These cards can be used in much the same way as credit and debit cards – at cash machines and in shops wherever you see the MasterCard or Visa logos.

Most prepaid cards can be loaded in the UK and overseas, and can be especially useful if you have a budget for your trip and don’t want to overspend. As prepaid cards may have different charges from those of credit and debit cards you should make sure you check the terms and conditions of prepaid cards and the costs involved, before you travel.

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