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Having more than one credit card in your wallet

Over two thirds of adults in the UK who have a payment card have both a credit and a debit card and will often use different cards for different purposes.

If you do have several cards in your wallet, then it is worth considering which one you use. For example, it will cost you more to use certain cards overseas, or some cards may offer you incentives on purchases, and whilst others may offer you more protection.

Understanding the terms and conditions of each of your cards will help you decide which is best for you to use in different circumstances. Using different cards for different purposes can also be a useful way to manage your finances.

If you transfer a balance to a new credit card you can end up with several credit cards in your wallet. Think about how many cards you really need. If you think you have more cards or more credit than you can resist or manage, talk to your credit card company and ask them to reduce your limit, and if you no longer want or need an old card remember to cancel that card and close the account.

If you think that you need help or that you are struggling with your debt, see Having trouble with your debt?.

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