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Information on using your card overseas

Whether you are going overseas on business or for a holiday, paying by card is almost always the most convenient way to pay. As long as your card carries an international card scheme brand, such as American Express, MasterCard or Visa you will be able to use it at most shops and cash machines around the world. Additionally, you get the added peace of mind that you will get your money back from your card company if you are an innocent victim of card fraud.

In the UK, we are accustomed to free card payments and cash withdrawals. However, while travelling abroad, these transactions may carry a cost. As a nation we are all using our cards more frequently abroad so it pays to be aware of any extra costs that may be incurred for using them overseas, as well as taking steps to protect them from fraud.
Before you go away check whether there are any restrictions on where you can use your debit and credit cards overseas, and that your card company has your up-to-date contact details (including a mobile number where possible).

The following information on using your cards overseas will provide you with useful tips and points to consider so that you can make sure that you are managing your card in the best way possible. Our Using your card overseas digi-guide also contains comprehensive information.

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