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Improving your credit record

There are steps you can take to improve your credit record and start building a good credit history:

  • Check your credit record regularly to ensure that it shows up-to-date and correct information.
  • If your name is not registered on the Electoral Roll at your present address then contact your local authority and request that your name be added. Every time that you move make sure that you update the electoral role with your new address.
  • Settle any County Court Judgements that you may have outstanding and apply for a certificate of satisfaction from the County Court. All credit reference agencies will be notified of the change within four weeks.
  • If you can, bring any arrears up to date or pay any outstanding amounts shown against your credit account information. Contact the lenders concerned and ask that they advise all credit reference agencies so that their records can be updated.
  • If you have fallen into arrears on a credit account due to circumstances beyond your control you can add an explanation or “Notice of Correction” to information currently on record. This notice can be up to 200 words in length and is an explanatory statement that will be seen by any lenders that search your credit record in the future.
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