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How will you use your card?

Think about how you want to use your card – over the internet, for cash withdrawals, or for foreign transactions. The cost of a prepaid card is specific to you as an individual, as it depends on exactly how you choose to use it.

For a specialist use card, e.g. solely for use overseas, you should always shop around for a card that offers the best price. However, it is worth noting that while some cards provide certain services without charge, they may have higher than average costs for other services. Therefore, if you plan to use a prepaid card as your main card then you should take time to consider all the fees. You should work out on average what each card will cost you. For example, on a monthly basis, estimate how many purchases you will make, how many cash withdrawals, how often you will use your card overseas and how often you will load your card. This should help you estimate how much the card will cost on a monthly basis.

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