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How to make credit card repayments

You can repay your credit card balance by direct debit, via online banking service, by phone, in a branch or by a cheque in the post.

All credit cards have a minimum payment that must be made per month. For credit card accounts opened since April 2011, credit card issuers must set the minimum payment at a rate that reduces your balance by at least 1 per cent each month. Some credit card issuers may also apply this to older accounts.

If you want to pay a fixed monthly amount off your credit card bill, such as through a direct debit, you can set this up for any amount between the minimum payment and the full outstanding balance.

If you usually only pay the minimum payment, or a little bit more, your credit card issuer may contact you to explain why this is the most expensive way to repay.

Our online Card Costs calculator shows you the cost of your credit card and how this can vary depending on how much you repay.

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