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What to do if you experience financial difficulties

Unexpected changes in your personal and financial circumstances can affect your ability to repay what you’ve borrowed. Credit card issuers have a number of measures in place to support any customer who is struggling financially and to treat them sympathetically.

It is really important you contact your credit card issuer if you feel you may be experiencing the early signs of financial difficulties, as this will allow you and them to discuss options and agree a way forward.

Debt advice

Credit card issuers will offer support to customers who appear to be having difficulty in paying their bills. They will also provide options and give details of free independent debt-advice agencies.

Repayment support

If you are working with a debt advice agency to develop a repayment plan, your credit card issuer will give you a breathing space of 30 days, during which time they will not contact you to recover the money you owe. If you have made progress during this period, but still need more time, the breathing space may be extended for up to another 30 days.

Independent debt-advice agencies

Below are the contact details for some of independent debt advice agencies in the UK.

0300 777 0107 or 0300 777 0108

Citizens Advice (England and Wales)
England: 03444 111 444
Wales: 03444 77 20 20

Citizens Advice Northern Ireland

Citizens Advice Scotland
03454 04 05 06

Money Advice Scotland
0141 572 0237

Money Advice Service
0300 500 5000

National Debtline
0808 808 4000

StepChange Debt Charity
0800 138 1111

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