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Are there any restrictions on use?

Prepaid cardholders should be aware of any particular limitations on the use of their card. For example, some prepaid cards cannot be used for particular types of transaction such as on-line gambling, or cannot be used in certain places such as on planes or trains. Again, any restrictions will be detailed in the terms and conditions and should be contained within the Summary Box.

Pre-paid cards may often also have various restrictions on re-loading your card, including:

  • The maximum or minimum value that may be loaded on to a card, either at the outset or when topping-up.
  • The maximum total balance that can be held on a card.
  • The maximum amount that may be withdrawn daily.
  • The minimum available balance required to conduct transactions in certain retail sectors such as self-service petrol stations.

This information will be contained in the terms and conditions.

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