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Age-related sales

In today’s financially inclusive society, both debit cards and/or prepaid cards are widely available to young people under the age of eighteen.

The responsibility for identifying whether a customer is of a suitable age to purchase any goods which are age-restricted lies with the retailer - whether in a shop or online. With any goods or services where a sale is restricted by age-related prohibitions, in order to comply with the relevant legislation it is the retailer’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate checks are made on age-restricted sales. This is regardless of the method of payment used.

The UK card payment industry makes every effort to ensure that its products are used in the appropriate manner by its cardholders and retailers in line with their Terms & Conditions of use. Terms & Conditions will always specify that we do not tolerate debit and credit cards being used for illegal purposes. If a bank or card issuer is aware of a card being used in this way, that facility will be withdrawn.

More information and advice on age restricted sales, and more generally the options on card use for those under 18, can be found in the following two guides:

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