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Financial Fraud Action UK - fraud prevention

Protecting consumers and businesses from fraud is the highest of priorities for the card payments industry.

Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK) is responsible for leading the collective fight against financial fraud on behalf of the UK payments industry.

UK Cards works closely with FFA UK in developing and delivering its fraud strategy on credit, debit and charge cards.

FFA UK’s key aims are:

  • To provide a single cohesive industry voice on financial fraud.
  • To lead collaborative industry-wide activity to prevent and control financial fraud.
  • To uphold the reputation of the industry by demonstrating its record on fraud prevention.

UK Cards and FFA UK do this by:

  • Sponsoring the DCPCU, which has a record since 2002 of averting over £479m of fraud.
  • Managing the Industry Strategic Threat Management Process, which provides an up-to-the-minute picture of the threat landscape.
  • Delivering UK-wide public education campaigns to inform consumers about threats and how to stay safe.
  • Managing the central industry fraud database, and feeding intelligence to police and other agencies through the Financial Fraud Bureau (FFB).
  • Informing commentators and policy-makers through a press office and public affairs function.
  • Providing expert security assessments of new technology, as well as the impact of new legislation and regulation.
  • Publishing the official fraud losses for the UK financial services industry, as well as acting as the definitive source of industry fraud statistics and data.

For more information about how the industry is combating fraud, or for advice on how to stay safe from fraud, please visit FFA UK’s website

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