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Contactless Transit Framework

UK Cards has developed the following documents for the Framework:

  • Framework Overview: this document which describes the Framework at a high level and includes the Framework Governance. As there is currently only one live contactless transit implementation (Transport for London), the Framework Governance will be essential to ensuring the commitments made remain relevant and commercially viable. It is anticipated that this will require a review of the risk and liability agreement at least once a year.
  • Implementation Guidelines: this describes Models 1 and 2 in detail including transaction processes and the underlying risk and liability agreements between the two industries to support them.
  • Communications Toolkit: this includes guidelines for customer and staff communication, and a current set of FAQs about the Models.
  • Regional Engagement Paper: this outlines existing smart ticketing developments around the UK, and the propensity for the uptake of the Contactless Transit Models in future.

The Framework documents are available on request. Please contact if you would like to receive the documents.

As the Framework evolves further (for example to take into account Model 3 work) we will email updated versions of the document to anyone who has previously received the documents from us.

Please note that in applying to receive the UK Contactless for Transit Framework, you:

  • Acknowledge the documentation is copyright of The UK Cards Association (UK Cards) on behalf of all participating members of the project
  • Will not publish the information as your own or directly resell it for commercial gain
  • Will not allow the documentation to be published in the public domain, including posting its content on social media or websites
  • Will seek permission from UK Cards prior to any use of the information outside of your own organisation
  • Will ensure that organisations or persons requesting the information will be directed to the UK Cards website to obtain their own copy (which will not be unreasonably withheld)
  • Will ensure that where the information is used in your own work and documents that The UK Cards Associations Contactless Transit Project is credited as being the source
  • Will ensure that you do not publish anything that would bring any reputational damage to UK Cards or any of the participating members of the project
  • UK Cards reserve the right to withdraw permission to use this information by any third party without prior notice
  • UK Cards reserve the right to modify and update the Contactless Transit Framework documentation without prior notice
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