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The following guidance will help you to handle contactless transactions. More detailed guidance and troubleshooting is provided in the Guide to retailers: Accepting contactless and higher value contactless payments.

Choosing the device

If the customer is paying with a contactless card, they should look to see if it has the contactless indicator on it. If they have a mobile device or a wearable device like a watch they will need to check whether it is set up for contactless payments. They may also need to choose the specific application that they pay with (if they have more than one), and they may need to verify themselves on the device before making the payment.

All payments over £30 require the customer to verify themselves before making the payment.

Processing the payment

To begin the process, simply input the amount on the terminal as you would for a chip & PIN transaction. The terminal will then prompt the following four step process - See How do I use contactless? and the Guide for Retailers: Accepting contactless and higher value contactless payments for more information.


The terminal will automatically print a retailer receipt for your records.

For transactions of £30 and under, a receipt will not print automatically for the customer (although you can set up your terminals to do so). A receipt must be printed for the customer for all payments over £30.


Refunds may be processed using contactless cards and devices using the contactless reader to capture the card details.


There are no specific restrictions that apply to mobile contactless payments being used to purchase with cashback transactions. For advice on accepting purchase with cashback transactions please refer to you acquirer.

Adding a tip

You can add a tip to a contactless transaction, but make sure it is added before the device is presented. If the bill with tip comes to more than £30, the transaction will either have to be processed as a higher value contactless payment (if a mobile device or similar), or a chip & PIN transaction (if a card).

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