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Accepting Contactless cards

Card payment terminals

If you don’t currently accept card payments, you will need to speak to a company that processes card transactions, known as a card acquirer. A list of acquirers is here

You need to establish whether your payment terminal is capable of accepting contactless payments. It is likely that the terminal screen will display the contactless symbol if this is the case. If you are unclear about this then either refer to the manual or contact the terminal provider to check.

If your terminal doesn’t accept contactless payments then contact your acquirer / terminal provider to find out the best way to enable contactless payment acceptance within your business. This is likely to involve either replacing your existing terminal or obtaining an add-on contactless reader to support your existing payment terminal.

A variety of contactless readers and terminals are available – see the Guide for Retailers: Accepting contactless and higher value contactless payments for more details. It is recommended that a fast receipt printer is used to ensure you and your customer benefit from the unique speed of transaction offered by contactless.

Terminal placement

To get the best consumer experience it may be necessary for you to redesign or reconfigure your checkout points. Contactless readers need to be placed in a place that is convenient and easy for customers to use.

Contactless signage and customer education

A variety of contactless signage may be available from your acquirer. Signage is helpful as it communicates to customers when they are about to pay and are most receptive to changing their behaviour. Signage includes customer posters, staff posters, window stickers and messages on receipts.

You may also wish to run some marketing and advertising campaigns promoting the use of contactless payments in your business.

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