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What is Contactless?

Contactless is a fast, easy and secure way to pay by card for purchases costing £20 and under, without having to enter a PIN. This technology is becoming increasingly common, with 48.3 million contactless cards in circulation in the UK, used to make 23.8 million contactless transactions in June 2014.

Contactless is available on debit, credit, charge and pre-paid cards.

You can tell if you have a contactless card if you see the following symbol on your card it means that your card comes with contactless technology.

Contactless image

Similarly, a shop, pub, café or restaurant which accepts contactless will display the symbol at the card reader to show that this method of payment is available.

Contactless method accept

Using a contactless card is not the only way to make a contactless payment. This payment capability may be available through a mobile phone or, in the case of concerts, a contactless wrist band. In the future, the contactless payment capability may also be extended to watches.

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