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How to use contactless?

To make a contactless payment, just follow the simple four step process below.


After the retailer has put the amount into the terminal, look to see if the terminal has the contactless symbol.


Simply touch your contactless card or device against the terminal.


A beep or green light shows your payment is being processed.
For extra security, you will occasionally be asked to insert your card and enter your PIN or sign.


Your payment is approved.

For contactless payments for £30 and under, a receipt will not automatically be printed for you. However, you can always ask for a receipt, and the retailer must give you one if you ask. For contactless payments over £30, the retailer must always print a receipt for you.
If you are paying at an unattended terminal, like at a vending machine, the process is slightly different. To make a payment, simply select the goods you wish to purchase and when the amount is shown touch your contactless card or device against the terminal. You will not be provided with a receipt but you can see this transaction on your card statement.

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