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The UK Cards Association integrated with five other bodies in July 2017 to form UK Finance, the new trade association for 300 providers of finance, banking and payments-related services. Together, we are working to build a more customer-focused and innovative finance and banking sector and enhance the UK’s status as a global leader in financial services. Full details of the new organisation can be found at and regular updates will be posted on UK Finance’s new LinkedIn page and Twitter feed.

The UK Cards Association was the trade body for the card payments industry in the UK, representing financial institutions which act as card issuers and acquirers. The Association promoted co-operation between industry participants in order to progress non-competitive matters of mutual interest; informed and engaged with stakeholders to shape legal and regulatory developments; developed industry best practice; safeguarded the integrity of the card payments industry by tackling card fraud; developed industry standards; and co-ordinated other industry-wide initiatives such as those aiming to deliver innovation.

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