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Membership of The UK Cards Association
is open to any organisation that issues credit, debit,
charge and ATM cards in the UK under the American Express, LINK, Maestro, MasterCard and Visa
schemes, or that acts as an acquirer in the UK for any of these schemes.
The UK Cards Association Board is the
industry’s most senior decision-making body
and is chaired from outside the industry by
a non-practitioner (see box). The Board is
responsible for setting the strategic priorities for
the industry, typically meeting on a quarterly
basis and overseeing the work of a number of
specialist sub-committees.
Melanie Johnson became the first
non-member Chair of the Board in
September 2009 following a successful
career in politics as a Government
minister between 1999 and 2005.
During her time at the then Department
of Trade & Industry she undertook the
first review of consumer credit legislation
for more than 30 years.
Members who issue a million or more cards
under the three schemes (of which half must
be debit, credit or charge cards) and/or acquire
at least 2.5% of total UK card purchase are
entitled to a seat on the Board. During 2011
the Board welcomed two new members to its
ranks – Bank of Ireland and WorldPay.
Organisations that fall beneath these volume
criteria are still eligible to join the Association
and are represented collectively on the Board
by a nominee director.
The UK Acquiring Market
An important feature of the UK card industry is
the growing number of acquirer-only members
as the traditional retail banks divest themselves
of their acquiring businesses. We have already
seen WorldPay join Elavon on the Board as
acquirer-only members, with others likely to
join them in the near future.
Full Board Members
The UK Cards Association Members as of end 2011
Other members
Chair – Melanie Johnson
Board Directors
American Express – Raymond Joabar
Bank of Ireland – Sean Sheehan
Barclays – David Chan
Capital One – Vicky Mitchell
Clydesdale Bank* – Chris Trethewey
Co-operative Bank – David Fawell
Elavon Financial Services – Simon Haslam
HSBC* – Andrew Slough
Lloyds TSB* – Ken Stannard
MBNA Europe – Ian O’Doherty
Nationwide – Anne Dalgleish
Royal Bank of Scotland* – Greg Reed
Santander – Callum Gibson
Tesco Personal Finance – David McCreadie
WorldPay – Nick Robinson
Nominee Director – Michael Lenora (Vanquis Bank)
UK Cards Managing Director – Paul Marsh
Allied Irish Bank
Chelsea Building Society
C Hoare & Co
Coventry Building Society
Europe Arab Bank
Northern Bank
Northern Rock
Standard Chartered
Vanquis Bank
 * Banks whose membership
covers other banks within
their group