Page 16 - The UK Cards Association Annual Report 2012

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Consultations responded to by The
UK Cards Association during 2011
included subjects as diverse as:
• HM Treasury & BIS on Managing
Borrowing and Dealing with Debt,
including rate capping for credit cards;
• HM Treasury & BIS on a new regulatory
framework for the credit industry;
• HM Treasury on simple financial products;
• European Commission on interest
rate restrictions;
• European Commission on APR comitology;
• Cabinet Office on charitable ‘Giving’;
• OFT on the review of Irresponsible
Lending Guidance;
• OFT on Mental Capacity;
• NFA on Intelligence Sharing Roadmap
– Conceptual Design;
• Serious and Organised Crime Agency
(SOCA) on UK Threat Assessment;
• Financial Services Authority on the
Financial Conduct Authority and its
approach to regulation;
• Financial Ombudsman Service on its
fees regime;
• Financial Ombudsman Service on the
transparency of its decisions;
• Payments Council review of the UK
National Payments Plan;
• Law Commission on Misrepresentation
and Aggressive Trading Practices;
• Government Equalities Office on
age discrimination;
• Department of Transport and the Civil
Aviation Authority on ATOL reform.