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Choosing the right terminal for your business

The main service that an acquirer provides to its merchant (you) is being able to accept card transactions through a terminal, and provide an authorisation for that transaction.

The UK card payments industry, in conjunction with the card schemes, has developed a range of acceptance products and services that can be suited to the industry that you are operating in and your business aspirations for the future.

A typical high street retailer will support payment capture with a counter-top chip & PIN terminal, using a landline connection to its chosen acquirer.

When the chip & PIN card is presented, the terminal captures all necessary card data and provides prompts to the merchant operator throughout the transaction flow process.

A typical terminal process is shown below:

  1. The customer’s card is placed in the terminal that captures the card’s details.
  2. The cardholder authenticates himself by putting in his PIN.
  3. The terminal passes the card’s details onto the merchant’s acquirer.
  4. The acquirer passes the details onto the card’s issuer who, if required, provides an authorisation that is then passed back to the terminal.
  5. The terminal prints out two copies of the till receipt.
  6. The customer is given the goods he have purchased, his card and a copy of the terminal receipt.
  7. The merchant keeps a copy (merchant copy) of the terminal receipt for its records.
  8. After processing the transactions, the sale proceeds are credited to the merchant’s bank account within four working days.

The links below sets out the different types of terminal a merchant can source and the range of additional services an acquirer could provide over and above a standard terminal installation.

If you would like more information regarding certain terminal options, please contact your terminal supplier or acquirer.

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