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Facilitate access to additional data, such as student loans and Government records, to support responsible lending

Access to a broad range of data is essential in underpinning the credit industry’s long standing commitment to responsible lending, helping credit providers access a fuller picture of borrowers’ circumstances and provide timely and appropriate support for vulnerable consumers. The industry has delivered a series of enhancements in data sharing over two decades. Resources are now required to explore additional data sharing with key Government departments, such as DWP and HMRC, and to investigate associated privacy, IT and transparency considerations.

The UK Cards Association is calling on Government to work with us and other stakeholders to investigate how such additional data can help further strengthen credit risk and affordability assessments and help to identify consumers who may be showing the early signs of financial difficulties.

Enhanced data sharing is a subject which is of significance to a wide range of credit industry sectors and their trade associations. We would like to see Government initiate exploratory discussions with these bodies, as well as regulators, consumer groups and credit reference agencies, at the earliest opportunity.

For more a more information on this proposal please see The UK Cards Association submission to the Financial Inclusion Commission, call us on 020 3217 8200 or email us at

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