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Many card companies offer incentives and benefits for using their cards. These tend to change over time, but those that you might find include:


For every pound that is spent on the card (generally excluding balance transfers and cash advances) a certain proportion of that spend will be returned in cash. For example, for every £100 spent on the card 1% therefore £1, may be returned.

Reward and voucher schemes

For every pound spent on the card (generally excluding balance transfers and cash advances) a certain number of points or vouchers will be awarded which can be redeemed for rewards or gifts.

Additional warranty coverage

This may protect goods, such as electrical appliances, bought using a company credit card, for a period after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Travel insurance

If travel is frequent it is worth looking into having a payment card that offers travel benefits such as international assistance, access to airport lounges, insurance for flight delay, or travel insurance that covers lost and delayed luggage and/or personal injury.

Travel assistance

This assistance can provide travel and health advice, information on cultural, business and social protocols, rail and ferry information, airport transfers, restaurant and hotel reservations.

Medical assistance

If your employees travel extensively this service can provide medical evacuation, return after treatment, emergency medical referral and dispatch of essential medicines unavailable locally etc.

Concierge services

One free telephone call puts the cardholder in touch with a representative who is ready to offer assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Cardholder Misuse Insurance

Protects against the unlikely event of employee misuse.

Purchase Protection Insurance (PPI)

Covers purchases against loss, theft or accidental damage for a specified period.

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