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Debit card figures (2009)

Debit card transactions* as percentage of card market

  • Debit cards were used to make 5.9 billion purchases in the UK to a value of £264 billion.
  • Debit cards were used 2.5 billion times to acquire £171 billion of cash in the UK.
  • There were 43.1 million debit card holders, accounting for 85% of the adult population.
  • There were 30.8 million regular users of debit cards, each making 188 payments on average during the year in the UK with an average transaction value of £45.
  • More than half of all debit card holders had only one debit card while 3% had four or more.
  • The number of debit card payments is forecast to grow from 5.9 billion to 10.8 billion payments between 2009 and 2019, and spending to increase from £264 billion to £513 billion over the same period.
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